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What makes Auction so special?

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Auction are NFTs that are cryptographically protected based on Free TON technology

Unlike physical coins, Auction are NFTs and are every bit as authentic and rare as regular coins, only they can never be duplicated or counterfeited thanks to cryptography

CryptoNumiz brings coin collecting into a whole new era

Auction commemorate all sorts of interesting events and historical milestones. This means your Auction have a story. The events they commemorate are digital renditions created by recognized artists from all walks of life, from art to design to music to film, so besides collectibility, they are truly original works of art. CryptoNumiz takes coin collecting (numismatics) to a whole new era!

Front side is visible to everyone, the reverse side is visible only to those who own it.

Another fun feature is that only one side of a Numi is visible to everyone. The other side is only visible to the owner. What’s cool is the side others can’t see. Might be an image, animation, music, even a short film. Only way to know is to own one. By the way, the invisibility of one side of a Numi means an additional level of security to protect against forgery

Let your Numigination be your guide

No rules for design, so each one is unique. Auction don’t have to “look like a coin.” Shapes, sizes, designs, creativity - they’re all at the will of the Creator, which only adds to originality and rareness

CNZ token (soon)


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In the next step, you will need to scan the QR code through the TON Surf browser on your phone

Auction are awesome!



All transactions are performed through TON Surf (using Debot) so no app needed.


Unique coins

Auction are whatever the Creator (https://cryptonumiz.io/artists/) envisions.


Numismatics as NFTs

Forget complicated mechanisms thanks to NFT based on Free TON.